Hey, let’s work together!

The last years I have participated in starting two companies in Denmark. I have consulted in setting up a support system for a large Scandinavian bank, and recently, I initiated and lead the Technology Department of a Malaysian Digital Agency. Between, I have advised in several projects and been part of some as well.

What value I bring

I have vast experience in software projects; from idea generation to execution, test and delivery. Due to my experience and my background as a BSc. in Software Engineering and MSc. in Management Engineering, the following fields are of great interest to me:

I love talking and working with this stuff. The difference between tech companies that nail it and those who do not is enormous. All it boils down to is who wants to stay atop.

Luckily, small changes usually leave big marks. So, a company that is open for optimizing does not take much to make things better.

Get in touch

I’m available for hire on a contract basis. I am very flexible in terms of hours and location, when it comes to development. In terms of software process and optimization, I usually come in for a half day or a couple of days to have discussions with your team, leadership and be a fly on the wall to look at how you work.

You can see more about my background on LinkedIn. In case you need some referrals, I will be happy to send some contacts your way. #TODO