Hi, I am Simon.

I am a Danish tech consultant, startup advisor and Ruby On Rails developer living in Kuala Lumpur. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend and friends, doing sports, and playing guitar. I have lived in Kuala Lumpur since October 2014, as I was hired to start the Technology department in Lion & Lion Digital. In September 2015, I quit this job to set my own sails.

You can have a look below for some of the projects that I have taken part in. You can also read more about my experience on LinkedIn and find me on Twitter and Github.

I’m available for hire and always up for a chat, so feel free to contact me or book a time with me for a Skype meeting.

Projects I have taken part in

My personal blog

My personal blog in Danish (some older posts are in English). Meant for my own thoughts and personal goals. Built in Wordpress with small customizations to the theme.

sstubben.dk - personal blog

Det Frugtbare Kompagni // The Fruitful Fellowship (2013-2015)

A think-tank I started in 2012 in Copenhagen. Its purpose was to gather different minds to generate ideas and give feedback on business ideas and/or business problems. I tried to get Det Frugtbare Kompagni up and running again in Kuala Lumpur in 2015. Due to lack of time I stopped arranging the meetups. The site was built in Ruby On Rails.

Det Frugtbare Kompagni

Project Canvas (2014-2015)

Based on my Master’s Thesis on simplifying project communication, I teamed up with About Time and co-created Project Canvas. We held workshops in implementing and using the tool, and managed to implement it in FLSmidth, one of the big cooperation in Denmark. The project was shut down in 2015. The site was built in Wordpress with a custom theme.

Project Canvas

BillyTracker (2013-2014)

Through Det Frugtbare Kompagni, I joined forces with two friends and we pitched an angel investor. Thor Angelo, the investor, had another idea in mind, and BillyTracker came out of his need of having to watch over his son, Billy, while he was in Tivoli, on the beach or just having a coffee. Hence, BillyTracker was a small GPS device connected to a smartphone application to track its whereabouts. The project was closed down in March 2014. The site was built in Wordpress with small customizations to theme.


Passioneur (2013)

Passioneur was a Startup Weekend project at the Danish National Parliament, where I was selected to be part of a pre-selected team. Passioneur was inspired by Tinder, where you could swipe through different professionals with the same passion as yourself, for you to meet up and hopefully gather a team to a new startup. Site built in custom PHP, JS, HTML and CSS.


Silicon Drinkabout (2013-2014)

Initially a London concept, Silicon Drinkabout Copenhagen was the first chapter of Silicon Drinkabout’s expansion. A weekly event at different bars around Copenhagen with the sole purpose of meeting like-minded entrepreneurs. The starting of the event was lead by Neil Murray, a great British guy who moved to Copenhagen with his family and is now covering the Nordics through The Nordic Web. Event was taken over by Trendsonline.dk about a year after.

Silicon Drinkabout Copenhagen